He Has Me Covered


I know I already made a blog with this title, yet I feel the need to blog about it some more.  So many things would devour us if we were not covered by the Lord.  Psalm 91 is on my heart at this time, especially the first verse:

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” KJV

When anyone runs to him in earnest, he shelters them and keeps them safe.  Not only does this apply to the pestilences like diseases, viruses, fears, and the arrows that fly by day, or the predators that lurk at night, all discussed further in the chapter, but it is also a safety defense against our own failings.  This is my biggest need and maybe that of others.  It can be so easy to believe God and trust in him, but it is myself I don’t trust.  It is my own understanding that I don’t trust, and the choices that I make that makes me tremble in fears.  One day I had a vision as I prayed of angels hovering over me and raising their wings to surround and cover me, and I saw myself try to climb up out of their protection, yet I couldn’t and then I rested.  This is something that reassured me of how much I am covered by the Lord’s protections.  I was an enemy to myself, always ignorantly climbing out of it, not even by my own choice, but because of my need for self preservation, but the truth is that we cannot preserve ourselves.  Sometimes when we sit in our bungalow with our little army knives and our booby traps (my analogy), we have a sense of security, but the truth is that we are not really secure unless the Lord makes us secure and when we run to him, he covers us with his mighty feathers and there we are safe, even without our own defenses in place.  Amen


He Makes All Things Work For My Good- Bringing the darkness into the light.


I often don’t even know what I’m going to say when I open a new blog.  This is the title that keeps coming to my heart, yet I don’t know what to say.  He makes all things work for my good.  This means that all the little things that we feel ashamed about desiring or maybe it is a personal struggle that really weighs us down, are allowed to be there for God’s purposes.  We don’t have to think that we are alone or fear abandonment by God for having these “light and momentary afflictions” because he is the Alpha and Omega, which means that he is ultimately in control of the happenings of our souls and we are not alone.  Don’t think that what you go through is so unusual, as a matter of fact it is a common occurrence to many believers, yet many are not at liberty to discuss it.  That is also the wonderful thing about shedding light in the darkness, because when the light exposes the darkness, it leaves.  It loses its power.  When we hide issues and truths that we would rather not be brought to the light, then instead of going away, they grow into a big ugly monster.  When the light illuminates what is in the dark, then it becomes small and powerless, and thousands of demons go to flight.  Demons cannot stand the light.  Their powers are in their lies.  As long as we allow them to stay in the shadows then they will pull us down into the their depths of despair.  Despair is not of God and cannot continue when in the light.  Bring the truth to the light.  Amen.


The Little Things

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Bride Of Christ


Sometimes little things can ruin our day. Little things like the way our morning goes before we even get out the door to get our day started. Maybe we lost our keys, our favorite book, car didn’t start, there are so many things that could go wrong. Maybe it was something someone said. Some things are bigger things than others, but some things that totally upset us are little things. Here’s a secret, even big things are also little things when we consider them in the face of God. 2 Corinthians 4:17 says-“For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison”. So what does it mean that our light and momentary afflictions are working for our eternal glory? Well, when we respond by getting angry, maybe yelling a little, cursing a little, or kicking something (all of which I have been guilty of…

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That Feeling-Exposing Oppressions

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There is another side of being a prophet that I don’t like and wish I could understand more. That feeling I sometimes get. I wouldn’t call it anxiety because I understand the feeling and definition of anxiety very well. It’s that feeling. Its a sense of the negative side of the supernatural. There are many positive feelings one will get when in touch with the supernatural such as feeling God, hearing God, seeing God or at least perceiving him. There is no greater feeling in the world then when we are in his presence. No, this is a different feeling altogether. One that has led me to have anxiety but not this time because I have been set free from oppression. That is what this is. Oppression wants in. It used to be in, but now it only lurks through the window. It won’t get in but its very presence…

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His will vs Appearance of Righteousness- A Vision

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I had a vision that led me to understanding. There is an appearance of Righteousness that is not of God. Such people would be dressed to the part. They will appear to be good guys. They will appear to uphold the law. In this vision I saw myself being taken into a house with my kids and my captor was a very large strong man, but he was looking behind him and looking over his shoulder. I was confused for a moment because he seemed to be kidnapping me but upon further inspection he was protecting us. He looked outside at the sky and there were helicopters looking for me and he was disturbed and closed the door when he turned so i could see his face he was getting larger and he had fire behind his eyes and was opening his mouth to roar.. this was a vision that…

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I Never Knew You

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Silhouette of a man walking into the light

The word Knew here is related to a person who walks in the light compared to a person walking in the darkness.  The difference between a person who walks in the light verses the darkness is a person who is open, forthcoming and true.  You see, when we are not forthcoming with our answers to ourselves and to God then we become one who is deceived. The word describes a light that is shining in the darkness.  A light is illuminating, it exposes all the things that are hidden by a cover of darkness. When the light is turned on, then we can see what is really in the room. When we can see what is in the room then we can see clearly whether the objects are clean or something useful, or old rubbish that needs to be thrown away.  We can find our belongings, our clothing, the tools…

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I Am Free

I am free to be the person I want to be. No one else is here to tell me how to live my life, so I am free to be me. I am free to serve God and to die for him. I am free to be the mom I want to be. I am free to organize my life, or be as chaotic as I choose to be. I am free to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness in my life, and there is nothing to hinder or stop me. Who can I blame for a lack of discipline? I am free to live my life how I choose to. I am free to work for whom I want to. I am free to go to the church I want to and go as often as I like or not at all. I am free to spend the money I make how I want to and to be as poor as I want to. Who is here to tell me who I can choose to please or ignore? I am free. I am free because my life is my own, but I am not on my own, I am not alone, because God is right beside me, leading, directing and guiding me into who he created me to be, because I am free to lay down my life and seek not my will but his will so that the life I live will not be my choosing but his. I am free.