If you get lost

If God Was there what would he say? He is there and he does care. He has much to say. If you listen what do you hear? The cares of the world drown out his voice. If you got still and strained to hear, would you hear something?

When we cannot seem to hear him, one way to hear him again is to get connected with his grace. It is there, we just must connect. It is like a wave of spirit, a current that we must tap into.. so that we are drifting the same way. We connect to the last place we found him. If you are walking in nature and want to find the river you have played in before then how do you jump in? First you have to walk to the location it is.. which we do by memory.. we look for land marks. We see a familiar twig and near by group of trees… then we know we have found it. God always remains the same, we just get distracted in spirit and focus on the cares of the world, our problems, events, relationships, needs… that same river you played in is still there.. you just got out and traveled on a different path for a while. What was the last thing you recall God said to you? The last lesson you heard? The last chapter in the “good book” you left off at.. just go back to that.. follow the familiar land marks, start with what you recall. If that doesnt work then stop and ask for directions. You can do this by prayer, talking to a trusted friend, asking a mentor to help you find your way…

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