For The Good

We may not always understand life’s lessons. Sometimes what God allows us to go through makes no sense to our natural understanding. But as we trust that his ways are perfect and that we are in the center of his will no matter what our life circumstances then it can be easier for us to just seek righteousness no matter what. When we have passed the test of life we will receive our reward. When we submit to God through life’s trials it serves as a boot camp in which we receive hard core training to succeed in the oncoming stage that is unforseen.


The Lord told me early in my journey to seeking him first that many people would present themselves who were not sent by him, but rather they are counterfeits to the ones he would truly send me. Yet my heart has a habbit of getting tied into and distracted by counterfeits. An illusion is the best way I know how to describe this. An illusion has an appearance of being real, but it is not. What happens is befoew I before consumed by the illusion God intervenes, but I don’t realize it is him at first, because the illusion slips from my grasp. Why does this happen? This happens because God is protecting me. When God says no, or we try to force something and force something we should take heed… Sometimes our greatest disspointments end up being our best treasures. When my relationship fell apart with my ex-fiance, I was shattered. Everything I built my life on and believed to be true turned out to only be an illusion and I placed my trust in something that was not God’s plan for my life. Actually, he just took what was meant for harm and used it to work his good. Because this is what he does. I still believe in his promises I still look forward to their fulfillment with great expectations. I pray that by God’s grace I will always continue to not only say “not my will but thy will be done” and practice it. Help me always keep my eyes on your mark and limit my distractability. Thank you father. Amen.