I feel sad, I feel afraid. I feel rejected, i feel insecure. I have had imaginations all day of fearful things. I’m also reminded of past hurts. I do not trust and I have reasons for this . This is an old record in my collection of old records that has selected itself and jumped up on the record player. Lord deliver me from this battle that has waged war against me. I confess I cannot do this without you. I need you to do this battle for me. Ive picked up my sword in the past and I already am aware of how I will get entangled trying to overcome it in my own power. I need to be changed and I cannot do it myself. I need you Lord Jesus this time i lay my weapon down at your feet and im on my knees. Lord I need you. Come to my rescue my king. You are my shephard I shall not be in want. You know what I need. Amen you’ve already answered me my king and my deliverer you are mighty on your throne. I praise you for your love is matchless and always enduring. You are sweet. I am new. You have made me new. Hallelujah Satan you are defeated.

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