Im tired of the old way of being and thinking . Im just tired of it. Im agitated with myself. Im agitated with the ways I feel. When we feel feelings that defeat us, it is not God. The flesh needs to be reminded that it is dead. We cannot do this without God’s help. When we get saved then we already have what we need, which is the presence of the holy spirit. Abide in him, dwell where he dwells. Believe what he says. Hate the flesh unto death. Sometimes we won’t allow the flesh to die when we buy into the lies that what it desires is we actually want and need. The thing about the flesh is that it has an insatiable appetite. Only Jesus gives us water that quenches our thirst once and for all. Lord I ask for what you have to give. I do not want what my flesh wants aside from your provision. I only need your provisions. Lord please I need more grace and more truth im ready to be new and whole. And they all said “not my will but thy will be done” please grant me peace and let me dwell there forever. God you are so perfect. I trust your plan.

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