Go With It

Sometimes life throws lots of arrows at us, some on the outside, some are inner arrows. Having our helmets on are important because the attacks that come from the outside can get rough. We fall for the bait when we lose heart. Pray, stand on God’s word, but do not fret you must know that God plans to deliver you, and if he doesn’t its because he wishes for you to endure this storm for a season.. because riding it out means there may be something valuable to gain. If someone steals your wallet, then make your calls, say your prayers, then go with it…….. just do your best.. make it a time to praise God. Maybe he wants you to minister to a person in the soup line.. we just don’t know his plans. What Satan means for evil God can use for your good if you seek to honor him with it. God knows our tears, they are not forgotten but rather he plans to dry those tears.. let him. Go with it.. don’t fret, just trust him..