So Much Peace

Thanks to the Lord’s grace I have so much peace. He speaks many promises to me by his spirit when i pray in tongues especially and one of the promises I heard him speak is “my peace im going to give to you, not as the world gives will I give to you.. do not let your heart be troubled, do not be afraid “….

I had almost forgotten these words he spoke to me just recently and now they come to pass. Let me try to describe this peace that he’s giving me…

It begins with not allowing your heart to be troubled, but when we bind something we must often loose something as well, in this area i am binding a troubled heart but I am also loosing his promise. Just telling my heart not to he afraid is not sufficient in and of itself, rather we replace fear with faith..

Faith in this situation is recalling his spoken promises to me, and also recalling verses that affirm he is who he says he is. He won’t change. Unlike most human relationships his love won’t change, instead it remains. When he says he won’t abandon me, he means it and he will prove it until the day i take my last breath and after that point I will be in heaven where he is for all eternity. So my peace comes from trusting in Jesus.

Also, the Lord is doing some yummy things on the inside of me. He really is keeping my heart in perfect peace. To be continued as I receive the words to articulate.. thank you Lord, to him be the power and glory forever amen.

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