His Will Be Done

We fear only when we don’t trust. When has God ever let anyone down who trusted him? Some might say he has, but this is because they lacked worship. True worship will require sacrifice. This means that even when we dont get what we want, we still worship him. What does this worship entail? Sometimes worship is singing songs to God, however it is not limited to singing. Worship is the attitude of surrender. If we say we love you Lord, but then we get selfish and reject you when times get tough then we have not truly loved you, but rather we loved the good times or the hope of good times. True worship is acknowledging that even when im suffering, have little food to eat, cleaning toilets and being persecuted then I still recognize with fear your sovereignty and i still serve you. Does God only get songs when we feel fine? Does God only get service when we are in agreement with his plan? Or do we really love him afterall?

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